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Hi!this is the holding page for Shothead Ltd owned by DOP Keith Ingram.My website is being updated and redesigned.If you would like to see some of my work or hire some of my fantastic equipment please drop me a line on or call me on +44 7712000605Apologies for the disruption, an improved service is imminent!All the best, Keith

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My kit listCanon c300 mkii EF mount
Canon c500 PL mount
Canon c300 mkiCooke S4i mini Primes (6 set)
Canon CN-E Primes (6 set)
Canon 16-35/24-7-/70-200 L series f2.8 zoom LensesOconnor 1030d TripodDedo Panaura Octodome (tungsten and 400wHMI)
4x Litepanel Astra Panels
Aladdin flex light
velvet mini 3
Dedo 650w tungsten
3 Arri redheadsSmallHD 702 High bright monitor
Atomos Shogun infernoDutti Dolly and StandsWireless HD LinkTrace FramesVW transporter Kombi Crew van